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Office Hours

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What is patient-centered care?

Patient-Centered CarePatient-centered care is growing in popularity as physicians and patients seek alternatives to hurried appointments and long wait times.

Patients pay an annual subscription fee, which covers a full year of lengthy appointments with their doctors, many in-office procedures, convenient scheduling, after-hours access to their doctor and reduced waiting room times. Physicians purposely limit the number of patients they accept so that each can receive careful attention and customized treatment plans.

What services does the subscription fee cover?

How much does it cost?

At Thomas J. High Family Medicine, our annual subscription fees average out to the following amounts per month:

Newborn through 18 months $25/month
Child age 19 months through 18 years $10/month
Adult age 19 through 39 years $50/month
Adult age 40 through 59 years $75/month
Adult age 60 and beyond $100/month

Is my subscription fee tax-deductible?

In many cases, the fee is tax-deductible, but check with your financial advisor to be sure.

Can I use my Flexible Healthcare Spending Account to pay the subscription fee?

Many patients use their FHS accounts to pay the subscription fee, but check with your FHS provider to be sure your plan covers this type of medical expense.

How do I reach Dr. High after hours?

All subscription patients will be given Dr. High's private cell phone number and a dedicated e-mail address.

What if Dr. High is unavailable?

On the rare occasion that Dr. High is unavailable, another board-certified physician will be on-call during and after hours.

What if I wish to see Dr. High, but do not wish to become a subscriber?

Dr. High will charge non-subscriber patients a flat fee for services:

15-minute office visits $75
Medical management or psychosocial counseling (30 minutes) $150
One-hour yearly health assessments $500
Minor in-office surgery $75 per quarter hour

Apart from the fee for Dr. High's time, we will bill the patient's insurance for all other services and items such as lab work, immunizations and in-office surgical supplies (bandages, local anesthetics, etc.). The only code that will not be submitted to insurance will be the Visit Code, which covers the physician's time and examination. Patients will be responsible for all charges not covered by their insurance companies.

Can I use my insurance at Thomas J. High Family Medicine?

Your annual subscription fee covers the cost of Dr. High’s time and many in-office procedures. You may use your insurance for services such as specialty lab work, hospitalization, prescription medications, immunizations and visits to specialists such as orthopedists and obstetricians. 

What age patients does Dr. High accept?

Dr. High treats men and women of all ages from infants to seniors.

What if I need a specialist or hospitalization?

Dr. High will coordinate all specialist referrals, and enjoys active admitting privileges at Northside Hospital.

How quickly can I make an appointment?

In most cases, we can see you the same day you call to schedule your appointment.

Does Dr. High make house calls?

Yes, for subscriber patients, within certain parameters and following a telephone consultation.